What is physx

im just wondering what it does exactly.
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  1. It runs the physics of the game, like collision and building explosions and such.
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    Physix is the actual destructable environment inside a game. If you ever have played a game and noticed the the buildings don't get destroyed or vehicles get blowed up. The only time that some of these things happen is when they are programed into the game and they happen the same way every time and that is the extent of it they don't get any more destroyed. The actual concept of physix in a game is that these things will get destroyed and buildings will get holes shot in them randomly acording to the actions of the player. We have at this point seen some limited physix in games but as time goes by and developers implement more and more into the game it will become a lot more noticable.
  3. And it's only nvidia compatable correct?
  4. Yes, Only on Nvidia. And is only available on later models of nvidia cards.

    Very neat feature.

    And like the user above mentioned, it just adds more detail and makes it prettier.
  5. ^it adds more particles in most cases and is really not noticeable in the few games that support it. Its just a physics API, there are many others like Havok and Bullet which are probably more widely used.
  6. physx take your gaming experience to reality but it will kill some of your fps
  7. ^it doesnt take anything to reality, its just another physics API, there are many available.
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