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I currently have 4GB (2x2GB) of Patriot Sector 5 edition RAM. I'm looking to upgrade it to 8GB, but I haven't decided what ram to use, mainly because I don't know about mixing ram. What ram can I add to use along with this ram? Please give me suggestions, my only requirements are that it is 2x2GB sticks, and it MUST be red.
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  1. The only way to ensure compatability would be to buy an 8GB kit (the ram is matched by the manufacturer). If you must mix ram, your best bet for compataility is to buy an identical kit as the first. Even doing that, there is no guarantee that they will work together. Or you could attempt to match the speed, timings and voltage with a random kit but that'll be less likely to work (but it might).
  2. Patriot doesn't make Sector 5 edition ram anymore... Damn. 4GB of ram is so cheap I was hoping I could use any ram.
  3. You can attempt to match the numbers (speed, timing, volts) - I've done it with success almost as many times as failure just be forewarned that it may be problematic.
    My personal take on ram upgrading is based this... Issues. Am I having problems such as freezing, stuttering or other issues indicating more ram is helpful/needed?
    If not, there really isn't a point to the upgrade (IMO)
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