Installing a Corsair GS600 PSU into Dell Inspiron 580

Hello everyone, first time posting.

I bought a Corsair GS600 PSU because I want to upgrade my video card from a Geforce GT 220 to a GTX 550ti, and this is my first time upgrading a PSU (Currently running the stock 300w PSU). I have heard people say that dell motherboards can't run past 500w without damaging the system. I was wondering if it would be safe to install both these into my PC without problems?

These are the specs for my PC.
Dell Inspiron 580
8GB of RAM
nVidia Geforce GT 220
i5 core
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

If you need any more information if anyone can help me find more information that would be great.

Thank you,
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  1. I think it's quite likely the people who said that were full of it. Just because a 500W PSU is hooked up doesn't mean that it's using or pushing 500W through the system at any given time. The system will draw as much power as is necessary to run, and as long as it's not asking for more than it was designed for (no reason that it would/could in a Dell) then you're not going to fry anything.

    Based on the pictures I can find the PSU in your Dell appears to be a standard ATX unit, but it's hard to say without measurements. The screw holes are correct though, so that's a good sign. Also I found this link which is completely incomprehensible to me as it's in a foreign language, but the pictures show an ATX PSU being used and a GTX 460 so....

    The video card won't present as issue at all as long as the PSU fits. The problem I can see is that your going to have a mass of wires from the new PSU and no where to tuck them so that will take some creative thinking on your part.
  2. I see. I'm having someone help me with it, so I think we can find something to do with the cord management. I was mostly worried about overloading the MB. Thanks for the help.
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