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1080p stopped fully working, Tried everything :(

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September 4, 2011 3:44:57 AM

My computer/monitor recently lost full 1080p functionality and 3d/gaming stopped working properly. I forced 1080p to work in the desktop, but most games will only run in 1600x900, and the image is still larger than the screen.

I have a 32" Acer AT3265 TV/monitor, connected to a Nvidia GTS 250 via DVI-to-VGA, on a Windows 7 x64bit Ultra machine, that until recently worked without problems. The setup worked for 5 months, although I replaced the monitor with an identical one (it was destroyed in a personal dispute) several weeks before the issue began. One day I started the computer after installing some Windows Updates, and it could no longer display in 1920x1080, instead showing 1600x1200 as the maximum resolution. People online with the same problem suggested forcing 1920x1080 resolution in the Nvidia control panel, and that worked fine for the desktop, web browsing, VLC media player, but that's it. Graphics-intensive games can only run in 1600x1200, and in most of them, I can only see a corner of the screen, as if the image were supposed to be bigger. Even in 1600x900, the equivalent resolution, the screen is incorrectly sized. When I run Winamp visualizations and try to maximize the video window, it crashes and says that resolution is not supported by my graphics card.

I updated graphics drivers but it did nothing. Using old drivers was suggested in another thread ( but I did not update drivers around the time the issue began so I doubt that would fix the problem. The monitor does not have any drivers or updates.

I found a partial fix but it was highly unsatisfactory - if I switch to a DVI-to-HDMI connection, the 1080 resolution is recognized properly, 3d works fine, but the image quality is significantly decreased, it looks terrible like a badly-compressed JPEG, text is painful to read. Unfortunately, this monitor does not appear to support 1:1 pixel mapping for HDMI connections, despite being able to do so for VGA.

Currently I am running with the VGA connection on 1920x1080, able to browse the internet and watch movies, but unable to run anything involving high quality 3d graphics at this "unsupported" resolution.

Thanks to everyone for reading about my problem. My apologies for not explaining it better. I hope someone here can help me solve the problem without buying a better monitor x_x

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September 4, 2011 5:01:39 AM

Try system restoring to the day before you installed Windows Update.