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My fan works fine, but my computer says it doesn't. I'm trying to format the computer, but I can't get the computer to boot up from the recovery disc. It just goes to the message that my fan is inop. How do I force the computer to boot from the recovery disc?
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  1. What is reporting that the fan is not working?, also if it's working fine but it's just saying that it doesn't then whats the point of using the recovery disc? Also is it a case fan or CPU fan?, cause it will say sometimes if you're using aftermarket like a Corsair H70 etc, as the motherboard will detect that it's not using PWM which all CPU coolers use hence will report back an error.

    And you'd need to go into BIOS and make your optical drive the first boot device if you want to boot off the disc.
  2. Good info. Thanks! The HP is an old one that I don't use very often. When I went to boot it, the battery appeared dead (it was), so I replaced it. Then when I booted it, it came to a screen that said the fan was inop and because of overheating it wouldn't let me go past that point, even with the few tricks I knew (safe mode, etc). Since I didn't know if the internal fan was inop or just a bad signal that I might have caused when putting in the battery, I decided to try to format it with the recovery discs and see if it would reset anything and allow me to use the computer, but it always stopped at the message that the fan was inop, because it wasn't booting from the disc, thus my question. The fans were both original. by the way.
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