New Motherboard+CPU help.

Hey all, I've recently purchased an AMD 7970 3gb. But it's not quite performing as expected.. not the best fps on farcry3 and hitman etc.

I think it might be due to a cpu/mobo bottlekneck..

current specs are:
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe (rev2) < So no pci-e 3.
6gb 2000mhz running at 1866mhz due to mobo compatibility, Just bought 8gb at 1866mhz for £25 on amazon though (awaiting dispatch)
1TB SATA HDD 7200Rpm and 320Gb same spec.
CPU i5 2500 @3.3ghz (Not K version)

So I was wondering what you guys think about the set-up? Is an upgrade required? or is it Drivers?

Im thinking of spending another £350 on cpu and motherboard as I don't have alot to spend and ideally would rather spend £320.

Look forward to your responses,
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  1. You don't have bottleneck by cpu or mobo, pcie 2.0 performance vs pcie 3.0 is the same, e.g. :
    See if you have the latest amd catalyst drivers (AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta 11)
    And by the way what is your psu ?
  2. thanks for the reply, yeah im running the 12.11 Beta Drivers already. my PSU is 1000w, I was running 1gb 460s in SLi previously and I think they ate more power than the 7970.

    Im just looking at other peoples benchmarks on Farcry3 or Hitman and they seem to be getting a steady 60fps on hitman.

    im on about 45-50's in hitman with no AA, and about 20-30fps on farcry ultra settings with Multisample anti-aliasing at 2. So it's pretty pathetic really. I decided to turn off AA in farcry but it looks pretty lame & I didn't think I would have to do that as other people haven't.
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