After i installed a new cpu windows keeps freezing

I installed a new cpu and when I turned it on it froze in the windows screen. It just keeps doing it but at different times like sometimes I can get into the desktop and use the comp for a few minutes before it freezes windows does recognize the cpu because when I got onto the desktop I decided to run dxdiag and it said I had my new cpu (Core 2 Duo 2.4 e6600) so I'm really confused. Help.
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  1. Did you update your bios?
  2. No. I don't know how to
  3. What motherboard do you have?
  4. I said screw it i have a reason to believe that its the cpu that has a problem as i bought it used. Im going to return it and look for a new one. and yes my bios was updated
  5. No necessary at all.
    Answer these questions first
    1: Did you reset the BIOS to it's defaults before starting the rig with the new CPU inserted?
    2: Did you start Windows the first time in safe mode after inserting the new CPU?

    If your answer is yes to both those questions, then you might have a CPU- MOBO mismatch. Still not necessary that the CPU's bad.

    If your answer is No, then you know who the culprit is...... you.
    Remember "Haste is a waste".... you posted the question on 02-01 8.30 PM
    And have said what you said on 02-02 8.50 AM...... That's within a little over 12 hrs.... and I bet you did sleep for the night. That's a pretty hasty conclusion without trying out anything.
  6. Thethe awnser is no to both. I don't know how to. I could reinstall and try all the stuff but I have no idea how to and I haven't returned it yet
  7. Reset the BIOS by unplugging the PC from the power outlet.
    Open the case so you see the Mobo. There is a button cell on it.
    Remove it for one minute approx. Then reinsert it, check that the polarity is right.
    And then plug in the PC and start the rig.
    No need of removing everything first.
    When and if it boot's it will most probably ask you to go to the BIOS.

    If it does that, it means the processor is being recognized and atleast working until this level.
    Just change the boot sequence in the BIOS to make the rig boot from the HDD first.
    Press F10 , to save and exit after you have made the required changes.
    The rig will boot up, keep pressing F8 as soon as you hear the POST Beep.
    It will take you to the Windows Start Menu.
    Choose Safe Mode and boot into it.
    Let the rig start up completely and figure out the new processor. and adjust itself to it.
    Then reboot the rig into normal windows....
  8. Wow. Thats a lot of info thanks a lot. I'm gonna try this when I get home. Alos there a like video for this so I can see it visually? Thanks
  9. After doing that windows wouldn't boot :(
  10. LpAnyone help? Windows won't boot now. Its still installed on on my hdd tho
  11. Do you see the BIOS? or does it POST? What message do you get? What beeps do you hear?
  12. It doesn't matter it has to do with the crappy bios on this old motherboard. Its useless. Before I got the computer it had vista because windows 7 wouldn't work so a smart guy did something to get it to work. Since I reset it its ruined I can't do anything.
  13. Is the smart guy still around?
  14. Yes but I have no way to get my computer to him as my dad is out of town.
  15. Is this an HP, Dell or one of those Pre-Built rigs? If so what model is it or was it actually? Some of the OEM things are pretty sly and do not allow certain stuff in the rig to be changed and limit these changes in the BIOS itself, like changing the OS, or changing the CPU. They would rather you paid more for a higher model then run the other OS or higher CPU in the same rig...:) It sells rigs.... that's the only way they can expect you to come back and buy another rig from them.....
  16. yes its a compaq/hp prebuilt. The model number is - sr2180nx
  17. I would like you to read through this first so you get around needing a smart guy once again for Win & Installation.

    This is to let you know if the Processor is compatible with your Mobo

    And here is what you need to go through to update your BIOS.

    Please read them carefully and follow the instructions step by step.
    If you have a problem after that, you are welcome to ask us again.
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