32 gb 1866mhz @1874MHz amd fx 8350 @4442MHz done and stable for months

Is this good? can some one else copy my results? it seems stable it hard to make use of the ram in order to cause a bsod or an unwanted restart.

I have an odd occurence my new rig is sporting a gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud5, amd fx-8350, 32gb of ram ddr3 1866mhz f3-1866c10q-32gxl, CORSAIR h-60 water cooler.

after a few attemps i was able to get my tower stable running my memory at 1866mhz with all four memory slots populated. even though i knew this cpu has a limitation with its Integrated Memory Controller.

these are the bios settings that were changed:

cpu clock x19 4442Mhz
cpu n.b. freq. x10 2330Mhz
c.p.b. enabled
cpb ratio auto 4660Mhz
cpu host clock ctrl manual
cpu freq (Mhz) 233
pcie auto
ht link width auto
ht link freq x12 2796Mhz
set mem clock x8.00 1864mhz

my voltages
cpu pll normal
dram voltages 1.550v
dram vtt normal
nb voltage ctrl 1.105v
ht link voltage normal
nb/pcie/PLL Voltage ctrl
cpu nb vid ctrl +0.50
cpu voltage normal

MY memory timings under dram Configuration in the bios
(in order from top down)

233, manual, x8.00,unganged 2t, 10t, 11t ,10t ,25t ,6t 350ns, 350ns ,10t ,5t ,33t ,4t
233, manual, x8.00,unganged 2t, 10t, 11t ,10t ,25t ,6t 300ns, 300ns ,10t ,5t ,33t ,4t
234, manual, x8.00,unganged 2t, 10t, 11t ,10t ,25t ,6t 350ns, 350ns ,10t ,5t ,33t ,4t

the i rest left alone

i also disabled amd cle, c6

i was half asleep when wrote this post lol

ran a 20 gb ram disk ran a vmware install off of it wow
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  1. still running stable which is suprising i will add pics soon need to find the camera lol
  2. 4442mhz nowl ol
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