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So Christmas is approaching, which gives me an excuse to blow a lot of money on my computer. Obviously, since I'm an aspiring game designer and full-time gamer, this isn't necessarily a bad thing for me. What I'm looking on replacing is the mobo, one set of my two memory sticks, a new cooling system a new case and (hopefully) a new graphics card.

My current memory is four gigs of Corsair, just the basic DDR3 model and currently I'm using a friend's pair of Mushkin four gig DDR3's. I'm hoping to get a pair of four gigs (giving me eight gigs), and I think that will be the Ripjaws. Is this a good idea? I know it's compatible, but I haven't heard much about the memory.

The motherboard I have is the basic $99 ASUS AMD board. I'm just looking for something that's smaller (micro case!) and has a faster bridge speed, while still allowing me to have two sets of memory.

The case I'm looking at is (like I said) a micro case. I was looking at a Lian Li, but I know next to nothing about cases.

Cooling systems I know literally nothing about, all I know is my computer needs a new one. Any recommendations would be great.

And for graphics... I have a MSi Twin Frozr II GTX 560. I'm considering just buying a new one and crossfiring considering the newest nVidia MSi Twin Frozr III has a slower clock speed than the Twin Frozr II... but again, open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Just some advice on the case. If you get a small one, make sure it uses a full-sized power supply, otherwise it's a pain if the psu dies.
  2. I'm using the power supply from my current case. I'm more or less just buying a shell.
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