New amd. build, trying to order now-new homebuild

Typing on a cell phone now so ill try to be as detailed. Sorry in advance for autocorrect

Long story short built a computer in 08. Was running great until multiple power outages in my area. Now I'm 99% sure my motherboard went out. I was planning on building new rig in January but the wife gave the go-ahead. Now I have about 500 to spend.

play on 720p and 1080 moniters

Current setup:
q6600 Oc to 2.8ghz intel
Corsair h70 for cooling
2 velciraptor drives
1 tb we black caviar
Corsair 850w psu I got from Craigslist trade for some subs
also got a 450w pus
8gb of Kingston hypercritical ddr2 ram

I plan on using some parts of the old system to save a couple of bucks.

New build I'm looking to buy ASAP
Amd x6 1090t 3.2ghz ( doesn't have to be 6cores but not happy with my Intel)
corsair vengeance 8gb ram
Asrock 970extreme3 mobo
nzxt full tower phantom 001bk enthusiast

Now I've already bought a gpu the xfx 6950 2gb version from these forums. Ill continue to use my hard drives because they work perfect. I will probably use the corsair h70 for cooling with some artic 5 thermal paste.

I really need some guidance as far as CPU and mobo. Trying to build for future. Hope the new build last 3-4 years without much upgrading. I'm mostly into gaming like rage, apb, l4d2, bf3, dead island nba2k12, and a couple other freetoplay games. I do very little video editing and things but mostly gaming.

Nothing above is set in stone, I would love to save as much money as possible. The only must have is full tower, reuse some old pieces, 3ghz+ CPU, and somewhat future proof.
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    The processor is great (you could probably get away with a phenom ii 955 then wait until amd makes bulldozer better then upgrade) and so is the motherboard (you might want to look at asus mobos, they are very good), the cooling is also very good. If you are using 8Gb of ram then i suggest getting 2 4gb sticks instead of 4 2gb sticks. All the other parts are excellent.

    PS: Have you looked at the intel i5s recently, the 2500k seems to be very good value now.
  2. Yeah trying to stick with amd. I really have no clue about CPU and mobo combos. Could you post some CPU mobo that work great. Thx in advance, trying to order tonight.

  3. A Gigabyte AM3+ mobo will run the Phenom II X4/X6, the FX series and possible the Piledriver core FX update series due next year so that would be my recommendation. As noted either the X4 Deneb 955-970 is good as well as the X6 Thurban.

    From over 20 years of building high end PCs I recommend using Gigabyte mobos for performance and reliability. Unless you plan SLI/Crossfire the 990XA-UD3 should work fine. If you want SLI/Crossfire then get the 990FXA-UD3.

    Buy ONE matched, tested RAM kit of 2x 4GB., not individual DIMMs as they might not work together even if of the same part number.

    I am not a fan of Corsair, Antec or similar closed loop H2O systems because they are inefficient compared to high end HSFs, are a poor value, can be noisy and when they leak they can destroy your PC hardware. Obviously if you have the H70 then you could use it but... you should be aware of the potential damage.

    The site at the link below will show you HSF cooling performance along with a few H2O coolers for comparison. Always read the full review for any HSF you are interested in to be sure it will fit your case. The Xigmatek Aegir 128264 is an enticing high end HSF costing only $70. A more mid-range HSF would be the Hyper 212+.
  4. What's the best mobo just for the 6 core CPU. I don't plan to update that for a couple years and then I would be building a new one by then.

    I've had a asrock and with my little knowledge of motherboards, it sucked. By the end of this cycle I would just overclock this CPU a little. Looking for the cheapest that would handle my CPU and video card.
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