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Hi, im planning on building my first rig some time later this year when i have all the money saved up, i been searching on the web, reading some posts in this site and this is what i came up with within my budget.

CPU: I5 2300, maybe, maybe the I5 2500k
MOB: AsRock p67 pro 3 se
GPU: a GTX 560 TI
RAM: Crucial 4GB 240-Pin DDR3
HD: WD caviar blue 500gb 7200rpm
PSu: Cooler Master extreme power plus 600w
Case: CM storm enforcer
optical drive: HP 24X Multiformat DVD burner

Im wondering if everything is compatible? is the PSU good enough? will everything fit in the case? any help, comments, advice would be greately appreciate, im a newbie when it come to this, lol. Also any tips for the installation will be welcome. It will be probably used to surf the web, play Battlefield 3, maybe Skyrim, Civilization 5, maybe Diablo 3 but dont know its minimum specs. Im not planning on SLI, im not into overcloaking at the moment, maybe later at some point. Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you're not going to be overclocking, the i5-2500k won't e necessary.
  2. EmoPopsicle said:
    If you're not going to be overclocking, the i5-2500k won't e necessary.

    so, will the rig run with the components that i picked? EX, MOB, PSU, I5 2300???/
  3. edit: i found a i5 2400 LGA 1155 for $150 and a i5 2500K for $180, ill would pick the i5-2400 and save the 30 bucks, but who knows if i would like to overcloack the i5-2500k maybe to 4.0Ghz, the thing is i dont know if the MBO/PSU, and stocks fans will handle it.
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