:hello: Convert a 478-pin MB socket to ?????

If possible, I would like to adapt or upgrade my Asus P4C800-E MotherBoard designed with a Pentium 4 PPGA 478-pin socket, with a more powerful CPU.
So, I need to adapt the Asus MB 478-pin socket to accept the pin-out of the more powerful CPU.

(I need an Intel Processor with NS or XD-bit processor, aka one that can enable the execute Disable bit, in order to use Windows 8 Pro :mmmfff: ).

:sol: :sleep:
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  1. You need a new motherboard to run a modern CPU, and you'll need new RAM also. Current CPUs and motherboards are compatible with DDR3 but not older DDR2 or DDR1. There's no way to "convert" or "adapt" the socket.
  2. do you mean no way to convert or adapt THIS socket???
  3. There's no conversion for any type of socket. There was once a Pentium 4 to Pentium M converter but that was many moons ago; the technology has changed far too much between socket 478 and today for a modern CPU to be made to fit.
  4. ok... but i seem to remember an abit cpu pin out converter. and that WAS many years ago. looks like its motherboard, cpu, memory, and graphic card time for me. i did not want to spend the $$$$ at this time.... do you have any suggestions?

    mostly office-like productivity
    appreciate speed and efficiency that is cost effective
    internet use
    dvd movie copy
    file downloads
    no games
    no video editing (at this time)
    my computer is a tool...
    i have always smiled when using this old thing.
    i hope to always smile after i build the next one.
  5. Best answer,3364.html

    And just don't buy the video card on it.

    Just over $300 and will do great.
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  7. azathoth said:,3364.html

    And just don't buy the video card on it.

    Just over $300 and will do great.

    i will check it out.
    thank you
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