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how do i post pictures
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  1. You add

  2. Didn't I just demonstrate that?

    He only needed to hit the BBcode at the top of my post to see that, although perhaps I should have said that.
  3. Perhaps.

    Just keep it PG 13.

    Or not.
  4. Hooray, I'm older than someone!

    Feel so happy.


    Wait, man I feel old.


  5. I sfill dont q.uite understand. Sorry. And no more 1/2 porn please
  6. Say you see a nice image on google or somewhere like flickr, right click, copy image location. Then slot between the tags I have you

    [img]paste image location here[/img]

    An example would be getting say the "what processor are you" image:

    Now I'm going to slot it in:


    giving me :

  7. Porn? What porn?

    I resisted the urge the urge to say "you call that porn? This is porn" as it would be unacceptable on this family orientated website where minors roam free instead of being banned from using the internet.

    Anyway, just don't start spamming screen shots of how to convert xxx file to xxx file or I'll hunt you down and sodomise you with a didgeridoo.
  8. Baaaaan!
  9. like that?
  10. you must put the img tags.
  11. Isnt a didgeridoo a instrument
  12. Yes, it is.

    I chose it as the poster above you is a convict so I thought it was apt.
  13. Huh? That makes no sense…
  14. ^ don't worry

    Anyways, like said
    [img]<insert image link here>[/img]
  15. shovenose said:

    No, you need to use the Image tag which is NOT
    [url] <link here>[/url]
  16. but i thought thats what i did, and the picture displayed fine.
    im going to try again.
  17. There we go, working fine now.
  18. I followed the link directly to the image you posted before and returned a server error. That's why the forum isn't loading it.
  19. So the rat one is done properly?
  20. Yes.
  21. Yes.
  22. ^What she said.
  23. Let's all post yes to increase our post count :P

    Seriously can anyone remember how they learned BBCode?
  24. You don't need to learn it as most websites have buttons to insert whatever you want, it is just easier doing it in the quick reply sections of forums if they have one.
  25. Quick reply is quick.
  26. i mostly just use quick reply, simply cause its QUICK
  27. Holy motherfucking jesus H godamn christ may he suffer eternally for someone elses sins that is a godamn big picture.

    Try re-sizing before posting next time.
  28. shovenose said:
    how do i post pictures

    could anyone tell me how to post a thread i have a question about a power supply
  29. Go here
    And click the big red "Ask the community" button in the top right.
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