Mobo 8 pin connecter problem


im building new pc (noob), the problem is that it doesnt boot anymore. i saw a smoke (and bad smell) came from ATX 8 pin connecter

can you help plz, i'll give u my email or bbm pin code to chat n tell u my prob in more details

sorry for my poor english
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  1. Your power supply is most likly dead, as if you saw smoke and it started to smell that indicates that something blew out and/or burned, get a new power supply and make sure it's from a quality brand, Corsair, Antec, Thermaltake, Cooler Master, Silverstone etc.
  2. Please, just put down the details here. Too much text is not a problem. What are your full specs (all the parts you have)? Also, what language do you speak primarily?
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