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Hello all, so i need help finding a new board. The one i have does not support SLI which is lame. Im looking for a board that will fit the i7 2600k snadybridge CPU and will work with DDR3 hyperx 1600 1.65v 4gb. The board i just got today was

turns out it does not play nice with my ram, kept getting errors saying my ram was not recognized. it was clocking it down to 1333. But i digress, can you help me out? really want to get my SLI working, i dont care if the board is ATX or EATX, ill most likely be buying a new full tower case as well so meh.

Or if you all know how to get said ram to work with said evga motherboard that would be super, or if you know a SLI hack for a Gigabyte board that would work as well, thx again all :)
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  1. Your mobo does support 1.65V rams. have you tried tweaking your ram voltages and profiles through BIOS?
  2. negative? what do i need to put the voltage up to 1600 micro bolts? or 1650 micro volts, the ram i had was not on the list of supported ram, and i was wondering why it bumped my ram down to 1333

    in addition i keep seeing the errors that are things like, can not detect the ram, memory not found, ect ect, i could give you exact error codes if that would help
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