Ram slots not detecting ram but still getting power

Hello, I am having trouble with my ram slots 2 of them do not detect ram. I tried 1 stick in each slot and the first 2 will not boot. What i find strange is that i can have ram in all four slots and the computer will still boot normally just not detect the ram in the first 2 slots. Also i have some older ram with tempature gauges on the top and when it is plugged into the board it shows that the slots are getting power. I was just wondering if it is the board or something else and what other test i can try or bios settings i can change maybe. Thanks
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  1. What do you mean by the motherboard is not detecting ram in slot 1and 2?
    If the computer boots with one ram card installed in ram slot 1 or slot 2 means that the cards are being detected.
  2. you can do a memtest from bios
  3. you did not specify your board what brand and model, not enough info, some boards with 4 slots are using 2 kinds of dram like 2 slots for ddr2 and another 2 slots for ddr3. if your board is only accepting either ddr2 or ddr3 then slots 1&2 are not working because as you have said it does not boot when you insert mem on either slot 1 or 2
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