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Asus P3V4X & Creative GeForce 2 GTS

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January 18, 2001 11:26:54 PM

Okay, i've been all over the place trying to figure out what exactly i need to do to be able to get my GeForce 2 running without crashing at AGP 4X on my P3V4X. It works fine at 2x.
Now on they have a huge list of problems with P3V4X and geforce2's...but nobody has a clearcut solution for what i need to do. Apparantly if i change my AGP Driving Value to FA or EA it solves the problem.
There is an article on a VIA forum that talks about a software made by HODA which lets me change the driving value....but its loaded everytime i i have two questions:
(1) How do i use WCRedit (the Hoda software) The faq's i have seen are very vague and product specific...&
(2) Is there any more permanent way to fix this problem?
I find it inconcievable that such a large problem does not constitute a BIOS update since every forum i go on has disgruntled P3V4X users...
Anyways, any help will be is my system setup:

p3 733
asus prv4x (bios revision xxx005)
creative soundblaster live 5.1
creative annihilator 2 gts (geforce 2 gts 32mb ddr)
hp 10x4x32 cd-rw
ndc ethernet card
aztech audio winmodem/soundcard
256mb pc133 micron RAM
30 gig ata 100 7200rpm maxtor hd
3.1 gig seagate hd
250 wat powersupply

Thats more than enuff info, if anyone can help me with either problem, i would appreciate it!

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January 23, 2001 4:44:48 PM

which bios ver or revision are you using? has the info you'll need for that. so good luck with that (i have a p3v4x and a geforce2 gts but the mother board bios was updated before i built the system. i have to check if i am in agp4x or not. but i'll get back to you later if thats important

hopefully that will help
January 26, 2001 9:28:07 AM


Didn't you read the notes when you install the creative GF drivers?


take your time to read it, read everything, at the end Creative says

694x chipset are unstable at AGP4x,, hahaha want to know why? because VIA released it without proper testing to be

hahaha, I also had ONE of this dam thing :(  :(  :(  :@

I would quickly change mobo if I were you, thats what I did, found a friend to buy it, hahah ! with discount of crouse, he never plays game anyway.

By the way, the 694x chipset is not mature, VIA is concentrating on the KT series now.

Best regards