Getting no dvi signal but gpu is good

Just built a new system and I'm having quite a mysterious issue with getting a video signal. All of the components are getting power and seem to be working as they should but when I boot the system my monitor gets no signal. Thought maybe the gpu was bad so I plugged in a good gpu and still got no signal. So I tried using a different monitor and dvi cable and still got nothing. So I've ruled out the it's a dead gpu or cable or monitor so my next thought would be that maybe the mobo is a dud. This is the first time I've tried to boot it so I don't have an OS on it yet and nothing has been done with it. Everything is fresh out of the box. I'm also getting no beeps from my troubleshooting speaker so I really don't know where to turn next. Any thoughts?

AMD phenom II x4 3.4 ghz black edition

MSI 970A-G46 (AMD) motherboard

ocz 750watt psu

8gb ram

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  1. Did you plug in the 6 pin connector?

    Try resetting the bios. (remove the bios battery for a couple of minutes and then replug it)

    Check if hard drives are ok.

    Ram is not faulty. Try plugging only one card in 2nd slot.
  2. Did a bunch more troubleshooting. Tested every part in a working system and they're all good. Guess I just got a DOA motherboard.
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