Cpu Cooler For Fx-8120

Whats a good cooler for the fx-8120 water like corsiar h-80 or air like the nh-d14 from noctua
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  1. Personally I would stay away from water cooling kits IMO they aren't worth it. If you want to water cool take the plunge and just do a custom water cooling loop. With a custom loop you can design it yourself with a little know how and planning. You can also get water blocks for not only the cpu but you graphics card, chipset etc thus you can extend it. With the right design they will way outperform closed loop water coolers. Closed loop systems are restricted to just cooling the cpu and pre-built there no room for customizing them. Also I'm not crazy about the pumps they come with. I can't tell you how many I've seen with pump failures only after a very short time. The last thing is the who rad system and cooling isn't enough it's performance really isn't much better than high end air cooling.
  2. The Corsair H100 is the best buy for that CPU. You won't regret it.

    Just make sure you get the latest one and are not given a piece from the first lot of H100's which were faulty and were replaced by the company.
  3. Prety much every cooler you can think of, 212 evo still isn't bad for air
  4. Or spend a bit more and get a custom liquid cooling setup. Bulldozer needs to be oc'ed to see good performance and all of the coolers listed above will give you great overclocks.
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