Replacing an overheating GPS 240 - for basic non-gaming use

Client has a Dell Studio XPS 8000 purchased in 10/2009 with a nVidia GTS 240 board that is overheating, causing spontaneous system shutdowns after a few minutes. This computer is in an office environment and is not used for gaming. Looking for advice as to replacing the board; budget around $75 (or less if possible). Note that system venting was not clogged, but after blowing out the fan on the video card, that seemed to alleviate the spontaneous shutdowns. But according to GPUz, board (after cleaning the dust) is running at 64 degrees Celsius and fan speed is only 47%. These numbers concern me; let me know if I am right in thinking the board should be replaced, or if I am overreacting.


USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: strictly business, no games, no folding, nothing fancy

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Standard Dell Power supply, 350 Watts

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Dell Studio XPS 8000 system; standard off-the-shelf components

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I will probably pick up at Microcenter store or at

PARTS PREFERENCES: I usually use ATI, but am open to nVidia if you can tell me why


MONITOR RESOLUTION: unsure, but probably 1920x1080 or less

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Again, this is for non-gaming, office use. Thanks for your advice.
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    If your client it just doing basic office work they shouldn't need anything more powerful than a Radeon 6450 (Here's a great deal on an XFX 6450: Deal )

    In fact, depending on your client's setup, they may be able to get away with just using the integrated GPU (assuming there is one in his system and it gives him all the outputs he needs).
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  3. I did what was suggested and replaced the GeForce card with the XFX Radeon card. Simple installation, and everything appears to be fine, though the Windows Experience Index indicates that the graphics scores are substantially less (Graphics: 4.2 vs. 6.9; Gaming Graphics 6.0 vs 6.9). I find it interesting that the 6450's standard graphics score is much less than the GeForce score, where as the gaming scores are much closer. Again, based on what the system is doing, I don't believe they will notice any degradation in performance, but for someone with more demanding requirements who wants less heat, the performance trade-off may be something to be concerned about.
  4. In my message above, replace GeForce with "nVidia GTS 240" -- sorry for the slip-up.
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