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Help in choosing PSU

I need help in choosing a proper PSU for my GPU. I'm planning on buying either HIS 6790 ICEQ X turbo 256 bit or GTX 550ti GPU.

I live in the Philippines and ordering online is not an option, choices in my area are very limited.

Huntkey green power 500/550/600w
Huntkey HK700-52PP 700w
zumax silent EZ 700w
HEC 500w / 600w
ACBEL Ipower 560 510w
tommade force LED big fan 650/700/750w

i bet some of the brands i placed here have never been heard of.

can any of these handle
CPU: i5 2500
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-H61m-S2-B3
Memory: Kingston 4GB DDR3 10600/1333 (<1.5v)
HDD: western digital caviar blue 250GB 7200
GPU: HIS 6790 ICEQ X turbo 256 bit or GTX 550ti

overclocking: no (for some reason p61 and z68 is still non existent in my area)

i plan on a rig than can run new releases at mid to high settings.

and will this setup be good for at least 3 years?
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    Not with a GTX550Ti. I'd recommend looking at a GTX560Ti instead. It'll provide a bit more power to last longer.

    Anyhow, you mentioned a few PSU's, and they are all overpowered. They also aren't of brands I've really heard of (except Huntkey, although AFAIK they aren't the best of PSU's on the market).

    What other choices do you have in the PSU market? You should be looking at a good-decent 500W PSU to power what you have listed above.
  2. Huntkey.
  3. Review of Acbel Ipower 510W
    Doesn't look that bad to me, but don't know how it compares to the other units you listed.
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