Still having issues :( ASUS m5A99X evo

I RMA'D my last board, and received this one in the mail today. I carefully installed everything, started up the first start up and got a post beep, and everything seemed to be working correctly for me.

Here is the hardware I am using:

16gb corsair vengeance RAM
Phenom 965 Black edition.
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Cooler
A very very old hard drive, actually the hard drive I was using in my old rig. (may be the problem)
Seasonic 650w gold PSU
Asus Motherboard m5A99X EVO

My problem is that my system posts, but when I try to hit the delete key it won't get into BIOS at all. When I install my old Hitachi hard drive it quickly shows the ASUS logo and then shows a cursor that continuously blinks, similar to the cursor that blinks when you are typing something in a message. I think this blinking cursor means my computer is trying to do something with the hard drive. It never gets to windows though. I know the hard drive is working, because whenever I put it into my old rig with my old motherboard, everything works fine. Literally, everything is perfect. I am using the hard drive right now.

I have yet to get this board to boot BIOS, or get into windows, yet every single thing in my rig is set up perfectly. On my board though, the Boot Device LED is solid red, and this indicates to me that I may need to get a new hard drive.

Can somebody confirm this?
Another key note here. I don't have a CD drive installed, but I didn't think I needed one.

Thank you for all your help.
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  1. Sounds like everything's working, but when the BIOS hands over control to the bootloader, it falls down.

    One of the first things I'd try is grabbing a Linux Live distribution like Knoppix. That at least will tell if you if the unit can boot.
  2. I have a similar issue, my boot device led stays lit all the time solid red. I can get into the bios but no sata drives are recognized no matter what settings I use under sata configuration. I have tied two different drives. One sata ssd and one sata hdd niether show up. Did you resolve your issue?
  3. What CPU using? Is the board new? And if not, did it work?
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