Building Trading PC starting with intel I7-2700

I am building a multi monitor (at least 4 1920 x 1080) and
multi application trading computer, stocks, futures, options, 24/5 hours
I'm starting with new I7-2700K quad processor.
Motherboard would be best with PCIe 2.0 with
x16 lanes X 2. Two video cards with 2 DVI ports each.
2 Sata III drives, maybe 1 10K Raptor drive and 1 SSD drive.
What is a reliable motherboard?
Also starting video card search.
Does dual AMD video cards with SLI help on driving multiple monitors?
I read that it might despite the fact that trading software is not 3D but 2D.
Thanks for any help Gurus!
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  1. you will not need the power of a 2700k

    one single AMD eyefinity card will provide enough connectors for your monitors , but it might be cheaper to use two bottom end cards
    SLI or crossfire are for gaming . You dont need it
  2. Thanks Outlander_04, that was fast reply!
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