ASUS P5N-D (Socket 775) disassembly

I've never really did anything like this before, I've replaced some fans and stuff. My CPU temp is usually around 50c, motherboard 40c idle and has been going crazy high lately so I'm trying to find like a guide for P5N-D motherboard on what exactly i have to take apart and how to replace thermal paste and clean out everything. Could someone at least tell me if it's necessary to take the whole mobo out before like removing fan/heatsink?
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  1. Depends on your fan bracket. Intel heatsinks only require you to turn the four pins one quarter turn to unlock the heatsink; then you pop off each corner of the heatsink and lift it off. You're allowed up to 65c under load for the cpu. Here's more info:
  2. It is not necessary to take off the whole board just to remove the heat sink and the CPU fan.
    Remove the old paste and Apply new thermal paste properly, less paste won't conduct heat properly and more paste will conduct heat where it shouldn't.
    Make sure the heat sink has properly seated on the processor, if there is a gap heat won't conduct.
  3. I have the exact same motherboard with a Q6600. If you're using the stock heatsink, which I imagine you are, I must advise extra caution with removing and replacing the heatsink. The plastic pushpins used to secure it are, "the most ******* stupid heatsink design ever." I've busted two of those such heatsinks now when reapplying thermal paste (two years in between, mind you) until I finally just bought a proper bracket-mount heatsink.

    There is a correct procedure for doing it, look on Intel's website.
  4. to clean the fan i cut a thooth brush down to fit and got all the dust of the fan and then blew it out with air if that helps anyone
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