New build

Approximate Purchase Date: whenever i confirm the parts
Budget Range: 1500 max trying to go for 1000 but if the performance incrase for a small cost is worth it i will go over 1000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming,websurfing,movies,photo editing

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, ram, case, psu have a 750 watt dont know if i will need higher depends on what build you guys show me

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: united states

Parts Preferences: no preference


SLI or Crossfire: prefer not

Monitor Resolution:1920x1080, 1920x1200)

Additional Comments: have case and power supply looking for a decent computer build that can max out skyrim without a hitch only need motherboard/cpu/gfx
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  1. Look at the link below for the $1000 Sept 2011 Build,3027.html

    Now since you said you already ave the case and other componets you can easily deduct what you dont need, I would suggest making sure that your RAM can fit the MoBo and is not gonna dmg your new CPU depending on the voltage.

    Also you can disregard the SSD if you dont really want one or your too unsure to get one and upgrade your GPU as much as you want
  2. i see those builds as trying to build a whole computer not getting what they want i have 1k-1500 to spend on cpu,mobo,gfx so im not sure about those
  3. actually the 2000 build looks nice everything but the mobo does atleast
  4. At this point, i would wait until LGA 2011 processors come out, then get an i5 or i7. As far as graphics, with a 400 budget (cause of mobo and processor) i would get either a Radeon HD 6950 if your going a little cheaper, or a GTX 580. As far as RAM, grab some 1600 DDR3 RAM, 8 gigs should be fine, and can be upgraded to 16 later if needed.
    Just what i would do
  5. so by performance standards do you think gtx 580 is worth the extra 200 or do you think ati puts out good quality 6950s build quality* and i was told to wait twice so i prolly will get the rest and wait for it
  6. only 13 days till they come out so not long wait
  7. so the 2000 enthusiasts build any suggests on another mobo or would that be the best for the items in it
  8. ghostmob said:
    so the 2000 enthusiasts build any suggests on another mobo or would that be the best for the items in it

    Personally I prefer this brand and this motherboard is a beast. Good build quality, great features.
  9. almost forgot about my question is the 580 quality worth the 200$ extra vs a 6950 price/performance
  10. Best answer
    Processor: - $220

    Mobo: - $270

    GPU: - $520

    Which brings your total to $1010.

    That GPU is probably the best 580 that Newegg has in stock right now. I would have preferred the MSI Lightning Xtreme edition for another $75 but this one is slightly faster and it gets you closer to your price point.

    On your question 580 vs 6950, yes the performance is worth it, the 580 is significantly better.
  11. so are the 3gb 580s not worth it
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