Core temps are different in most programs.

So i have several different programs to monitor my temps.. and every one seems to come up different. I don't know if the sensors in the 1100t's just arent all that great. or if im doing something wrong. i took a screenshot of the comparisons. Somebody help me out a bit? Which program should i listen to? Anything i can do to make them more accurate? I'm going to check out my bios temps and get back with those.

Phenom II x6 1100t
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
2x4GB Supertalent 1600 CL9
Windows 7 Pro x64

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  1. Use hw monitor, btw your bios temps will always be higher.
  2. Bios says system temp is 29 cpu is 35
  3. I trust speedfan but wtf is with your voltages. your -12 is at -1.01 , -5 is at 4.05. Im not sure if thats normal but thats weird looking.

    I'd be more worried about the vcore voltages being all different.
  4. I hadn't even noticed. Anybody else have input about my voltages being weird?
  5. speed fan doesnt always get the rite volts on a system. my 12v reads 16v but i tested it and it is 12v... speed fan is very finikey about multipliers 2. if i drop mine to 19 my temps drop by 10'c but core temp and hwmonitor read the original 10'c higher...
    so always check with multiple apps and use the 1s that give the higher temps as thats the only safe approach...

    i do notice you have 2 apps saying 35 while your fx vision says 47. you may want to get in touch with gigabyte and amd about that...
  6. Thanks for the quick replies guys. I'm pretty sure my voltages are fine. I haven't messed with them at all. I just went in and disabled cool and quiet. and yeah I've noticed AMD Overdrive(fx vision) is a bit off.... The temps are always different then the other monitors. It usually shows my cores running at 3.4-3.5 while other monitors are showing 3.3 I'm not sure if something is wrong with Overdrive itself... or it just doesn't like my hardware..
  7. On Voltages - If they are in left field, they are INCORRECT. programer has the pointer set to the wrong loacation and/or the algorthium to convert is incorrect. ie if +12 V <9 V or > 16 You Know they are incorrect.

    On temps. If program uses incorrect TJmax (not sure if AMD uses a Tjmax) then temp will be off by that amount. I find for Intel systems HDMonitor is correct for temps, but often incorrect for Voltages. Speed fan seams good for temps.

    Added, I'm an Intel guy. Does the AMD provide individual core temps. Screen shot does not display indivdual core temps which are more important than "averaged temp"
  8. my old 4800x2 and 6000x2 both showed per core temps. so no they dont display just 1 median temp for the 2. same goes for the newer cpu's it does bother me that amd's own tool doesnt read the correct temps though. you would think they would.
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