Amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered

I need help! Since recently only, sometimes, when I play games, it freeze, causing a black screen for 5 seconds and finaly get back to normal with this message ``Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered``. It’s a homebuilt computer (assembled six month ago). I’ve monitored the temperatures, but everything seem normal... Also, it only happens when I connect to my monitor with via HDMI (it stop doing it with VGA). I’ve also tried to uninstall all the graphic drivers and to reinstall the new one (11.8), but the bug is still happening.

Window 7 edition familiale premium 64x (clean install)
Ram : patriot viper sector 5 1600mhz 8 G
Cpu : Intel i5 2500k oc 4.2ghz
Motherboard: Asus p8p67-ATX
HDD: seagate 7200 rpm 32mb cache 1T (564 G free)
Graphic card: asus HD radeon 6850
Cooler: coolermaster hyper 212 +
Anti-Virus : AVG 2011
Power supply: Corsair builder series 600W

Please help me !
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  1. It's a common bug thats been around since WinXP. It happens with Nvidia cards too.

    There's no real known fix for it. I've had it several times myself and it just goes away on it's own.
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