Upgrading CPU+mobo or gpu

hey guys i just wanted to know if i should upgrade my mobo + cpu or a my gpu

my current specs:
intel core i3-550
Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 motherboard
700w psu
Gtx 460 se 1gb
24" 1080p asus LED monitor
4 gb ram (2x2gb 1333 ddr3)

I will be playing bf3 + skyrim
which upgrade is better for my future use? i heard that games these days require quad core for a smooth gameplay but a gpu is the most important part in a gaming pc so i can't decide which one to upgrade first. I wonder if my cpu is fine with a gtx 570 (thinking about buying this)?
my budget will be around $300. Hoping for some advices from you guys. Thanks
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  1. have you tried to play and see what settings are playable?
    just as a guide for you i play all high on the following spec:

    cpu: i7 950
    ram: 6gb ddr3
    gpu: gtx 460 1gb
    600w ocz psu
    asus 1080p monitor

    only real diffrence is the cpu
    hope this helps
  2. You don't really need a new build. Give it a while, however, I really don't like your CPU.
  3. well i play bf3 on medium setting at around 30-45 fps which is a good thing for me at all. So should i upgrade to a gtx 570 or use that money to upgrade a these:




    its a am3+ mobo so i will have a chance to upgrade when bulldozer is out
  4. why not just upgrade to an i7 and if you have change conisder a 2nd hand gtx460 for sli?
  5. well i got amd this time because i'm low on budget, a phenom x4 would do fine i know its not a bad cpu. uhm i have never thought about sli so i wont go for that
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