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This isn't really a homebuilt computer it's a gateway gt5670. But I have taken it apart and put it back together many times in the past few days trying to fix this problem.

Anyways about a week ago I noticed my fans making LOTS of noise so I checked my cpu temps and found out my cpu was running at 94 Celsius. I opened her up and saw lots of dust around the heat sink and fan so I cleaned it off, should have left it that, but you know I didn't or I wouldn't be writing this thread right now.

Of course I'm like a kid and got curious and started taking it apart further with the excuse of thoroughly cleaning the computer, I'm messing with the heat sink and unscrew the mount, but little did I know it mounted into a back plate that fell out of place after I unscrewed it, so I had to take the motherboard out and replace the heat sink mount this went smoothly, and it seemed to be fine, so I decided to put it back together before I mess something else up and well it was little too late because once I turned the power on, the computer would not post, the fans, and the HDD seem to start but nothing else even the power on LED was off.

I take it apart again thinking I've hooked up something wrong and well I did, I'll try and explain to the best of my ability. Luckily I had access to another gt5670, I took a look inside to see if I had everything in mine in the same position as this one, I found out I hooked up a wire to some pins it wasn't suppose to be hooked up to, so I switch it to where it needed to be and thought that would fix the problem, it didn't.

I usually take these sorts of things as a challenge to further my knowledge and it has, but I'm seriously concerned my motherboard my have been damaged by the misplaced wire.

Before you ask, yes I read the sticky about computers not posting and I've tried all of what I could and now I'm writing this to see if one of you helpful people have an answer as to whether my board is gone or not.

Here's the wire and the pins I connected it too.

The wire I miss connected

The wire is connected to this drive bay

The RED is where I connected it to the motherboard the PURPLE is where it was suppose to go, might be hard to see sorry about that it's at the bottom right corner

A link to my motherboard -

Thanks for any help I can get, I love computers but never built one myself due to lack of funds so I took it as a chance to learn a little but messed it up, guess I wasn't super slick this time around.

I'm really hoping it's not the board, I'm curious as to whether a wire not connected to anything could hurt the motherboard since there was no drive in the bay.

Windows 7, and stock everything else except gpu but I tried posting without it and no go. Here's the link to the full specifications -

Forgot to say that I re seated the cpu with new thermal compound.
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  1. Well you connected what appears to be an internal hot swap drive bay to the front panel connector on your motherboard. If the drive bay had a power source then you may have unwittingly placed a live USB 2.0 cable on a part of the motherboard that is not supposed to be

    You may have shorted out the board or you may have damaged the CPU amongst other things. I think the Motherboard is dead. Take it to a technician and get it tested.
  2. That's the thing though, there was no drive in the bay so it didn't have a power source, right? it was just a wire not connect to anything but the mount of the bay.

    I also checked the pins of the cpu and they seemed perfectly fine.
  3. The drive bay is not powered by the drive itself. What is that second wire attached to the drive bay?
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