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I have been lurking round the forums for some time now and offering advice where i can aswell as requesting help, what is beginning to get a little annoying however is reading posts from 2005 that have suddenly appeared because some newcomer has trawled the site looking for a problem similar to theirs and then "hi-jacking" it to post "I'm having this problem to..." or "what i did was....". I am all for people searching for answers before posting but come on if the last post was 3 years ago it's likely the inital problem has been solved and therefore you don't need to help.

To this end i am wondering if it is possible for topics to become locked after so many days of inactivity?? for example, no posts on a topic after 90 days. Topic closed. If the OP would like the topic re-opening (and only the OP) then they could PM an admin with the reason why.

This might sound like a trivial thing but i feel that the site would probably benefit a great deal.

see this link for an example:

Thanks for reading my whine... now back to trying to help people.

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  1. No, thats our job to do if its required. As a Mod, we first need to read the thread, understand its relevence to the forums.
    A good example is the opposite of what youve said. Say an old post never had an answer, and someone, as alot do, finds it, and uses it to show their solution, which didnt ever have one, for that particular problem. Some questions are esoteric in nature as well, and 90 days may prove my previous scenario out or may not, but its still down to us
  2. Ok fair enough, thanks for your response.
  3. YW, and if you find a "necro" thread thats inappropriate, let us know. Meaning, as in your discription, and theres really nothing to be done by further contributions, alert us
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