Sound Blaster Live MP3+ 5.1

hey guys. I just installed the SBL MP3+ 5.1 card into my system running on Windows 2000 professional. After installing the drivers and whatnot with the set up CD, I rebooted and when win2k loaded up I got an "AudioHQ Task Bar" error. The error reads:

"A required DevCon32.DLL cannot be found. Make sure that the file is in the correct directory"

I just press ok and the error goes away but I still can't get any sound. I installed the sound card before my graphics card (Radeon 64mb DDR VIVO). I heard that the radeon conflicts with alot of hardware, so you should install it last.

I did a search for this DevCon32.DLL file and it is located in the C:\WINNT\system32 directory. Should it be in here? if not, where should I move it to?

Any advice on how I can get this thing to work?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would call creative. I just recently installed the 5.1 platinum and It was a pain. I had to have tech support walk me through it. We had to go to safe mode and delete a bunch of conflicting files. That may or may not be your problem, but I would call and ask. I tried uninstalling mine a reinstalling mine for hours before I just made the call.
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