1000$ Build for Video Editing

Approximate Purchase Date: As soon as possible
Budget Range: 1000$ , can go up to 1250$ if worth it
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video Editing > everything else
Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, OS
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon
Country of Origin: Oman , But i plan to get the parts from amazon or Dubai , as they are like 20% more expensive here
Parts Preferences:
Overclocking: Maybe
Crossfire: Not at the moment
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

So I'm trying to figure out a build for my friend , it will be mainly used for Video editing

Thanks in advance !
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  1. Check out the $1000 Sept 2011 build,3027.html

    You wont need the SSD so put the money towards getting an i7 CPU which is better for your type of work.

    You could also scratch getting two GPUs and get one if you want to but if I'm correct 2 460s keep up with 1 560 but not too sure about that.

    Also you will want more RAM cause I guess you will ahve a lot of program open at once, 8GB if your budget is tight 16GB if you can afford it.

    You also wont need the CPU cooler so more money saved for you
  2. Thanks for the reply

    for the CPU what's better , an i7-960 or i7-2600k ( i think i need a different mobo for the i7-920 because it has different socket?)

    for the GPU , would be better to go for 560 TI and save around 100$ instead of going for 2 460s , and spend that money on 16 GB RAM and upgrade HDD to 1TB instead ?
  3. for video editing 2600k is much better than i7 960 and buy asus p8z68 vpro board with gtx 560ti you will be much better.even your games also run in maxed out setting.
  4. get the sabertooth p67 or extreme3 gen3 for the mobo
  5. Which software would you be using for editing?

    what kind of video would you be editing?

    How long would your projects be?
  6. I'm not sure exactly which softwares my friend is using , but I know he's using vegas and Aftereffect at least

    The work may extend up to 2-3 hours

    He will be editing videos capture by HDV camera (HDV or DV type)
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    Vegas 11 does use GPU-accelerated rendering, so a decent GPU is a good idea. Most GPU-accelerated applications only use the first card in the system, so an SLI setup is unnecessary. Video transcoding while rendering, which has to be done with HDV and AVCHD video, uses a fair bit of CPU. Go for the i7-2600k. Since the video is being edited from a highly compressed format, drive speed isn't as critical, but having a separate drive for the video clips from your operating system and software drive is still fairly important. (The Windows swap file should also be on the software/OS drive)

    Also, I cannot stress this enough, defrag defrag defrag. Keep the video drive defragmented, especially after capturing a long project. Capture, defrag, cut project, output project, defrag... Archive project, delete old footage, defrag...
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  9. Are you getting many crashes while rendering with the GPU? What card did u end up going with?
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