Connect your ps3 audio to your computer: how?

I'm looking for a component that allows the ps3 audio (well, possibly xbox audio too... a definitive solution would be great) to be received through my computer.

The reason is quite stupid, I have steelseries 7h-USB (it's a headset) and during night i would like to play with a good volume without disturbing my family. That headset has a normal audio jack (this), so I can't connect it to my PS3 (or I didn't find how to do it).

Because I usually use skype while playing to ps3, I don't want to move the jack to my TV-out, I just want merge audios.

I heared that with HDMI this is not possible is this true? I don't need video, just audio... and shouldn't be desynced ( I had a bad experience with a tv card)

Also, I'm going to change (soon) my current TV with a normal computer monitor. The monitor doesn't have built-in speakers because I have also some great speakers on my desktop. What will happen if I connect the PS3 to my monitor with HDMI? I will not hear audio in any way?

Thanks for any suggestion
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  1. Well, if you are ok with just using stereo, you can use a SPDIF input port on the PC [if you have one, otherwise you need a soundcard] to connect the PS3/360 to the PC.

    If you are willing to shell out a bit more, the Auzentech Home Theatre HD has HDMI In/Out and normal 7.1 audio outputs, so you could connect via HDMI that way if you need too. Probably overkill though...
  2. Well they are both good suggestions. I never used SPDIF input port but I definitely have it (i've seeen it a lot of times when controlling volume of my devices, I can control its volume too). What cable is needed for this?

    Does exist a switch like multiple hdmi inputs for spdif input port? 'cos i want connect xbox and ps3 and just swap them with a button and not removing cable every time...
  3. There are plenty of optical/HDMI switches out there; I used one for a time.

    Most PC's use optical SPDIF ports these days, so if you use SPDIF, you'll likely need an optical cable:

    Just make sure your PC has optical INPUT and not OUTPUT.
  4. No, its not. Optical is a totally different connector then TRS.
  5. Many audio cards have at least a line in 3.5mm jack. So you could probably run your PS3 into the TV like normal, then run and RCA to 3.5mm jack from the TV output to the sound card input. Of course, this assumes the TV has an output.

    But, yeah, the better option would be optical.
  6. How can I understand if my motherboard has an spdif audio in or out? I have an ASUS Rampage III Extreme

    EDIT: It seems I have an s/pdif out, not in :(

    I need something different... I'm hating hdmi, really. Better: I hate HDCP, not hdmi
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