Building a new pc for first time

Approximate Purchase Date: xmas for discount's XD

Budget Range: 2000$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gameing,internet,youtube

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, speakers,monitor ill use my LG 1080P 32"

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: amazone coz i trust it

Country of Origin: saudi arabia (Qtife)

Parts Preferences:Intel super and cheap can be OC to super sonic speed a (K) will be good for me but IDK wich one

Overclocking: OFC then y on earth would i get a (k) intel if i dont OC

SLI or Crossfire: mype u guys are the pro im a noob

Monitor Resolution: IDK XD

Additional Comments: PSU's and the MOBO are so hard to choose but for MOBO ill go with G1-killer MOBO's (PSU ill go antec if it wont blow my pc up coz crosair so F expensive and the cooler master evrything is *** exept the silent pro XD but if antic is bad i go what ever u guys advise me )

case:any case that look's awsome and good for water cooling

PS:thear's 3 G1. mobos will be 6 soon so yah ill W8 till nov 14 for the beast assassin 2 !

srry for bad ENG :/
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  1. PS should i go with 590 GTX 1 or sli with 570 -580
  2. argh stpuid pc made me 2x post argh srry
  3. 1) Your 1080P TV will be 1920 x 1080 resolution.

    2) To drive that monitor well, a graphics card like the GTX570 will do the job. Past that, you get rapidly diminishing returns for your dollar.
    A GTX590, if you can find one, is equivalent to sli gtx570 in power. Be aware that 28nm graphics cards will arrive in 1Q 2012. My suggestion is to get a GTX580 now, and see what comes. Most likely, you will not have a need to get something stronger than a GTX580 unless you are looking at triple monitor surround gaming. If you want something stronger, you will have some options. You could get a second GTX580, or you can sell it and get the next best graphics card in 28nm form.

    3) Games rarely use more than two or three threads. The extra hyperthreads of the 2600K will go mostly unused. A 2500K is much cheaper, and can be overclocked tothe same levels as a 2600K.

    4) Do not bother with water cooling, particularly since you are a first time builder. An inexpensive air cooler like the Xigmatek gaia, or cm hyper 212 will do the job.

    5) Here is a list of the power requirements for a variety of nvidia cards:
    GTX560Ti needs 500w with 30a on the 12v rails plus two 6-pin PCI-E power leads.

    GTX570 needs 550w with 38a on the 12v rails plus two 6-pin PCI-E power leads.

    GTX580 needs 600w with 42a on the 12v rails plus one 6-pin and one 8-pin PCI-E power lead.

    GTX590 needs 700w with 50a on the 12v rails plus two 8-pin PCI-E power leads or 4 6-pin power leads.
    If you will plan for sli, then add about 300w to these.
    Do not skimp on psu quality. You can safely buy anything from Seasonic, PC P&C, Antec, Corsair, or XFX.

    6) Cases are a personal thing. Get a case that you love.
    Look for a case that has at least two 120mm intake fans, or the equivalent single 180mm intake fan.
    That will insure that your graphics cards will get sufficient cool air.
    Your case needs to be able to hold your graphics cards, and a couple of drives.
    Look for a case capable of hold a ATX sixed motherboard.

    7) You will want a P67 or Z68 based motherboard. Most any will do, just check for the features you need, like 6gb sata, usb3.0 etc.
    Any of them will OC your 2500K to 4.0 or better safely.
    If you might use two graphics cards, look for a ATX motherboard with sli capability, and two separated pci-e X16 slots. x8/x8 is fine.
    8) 8gb of ram is the sweet spot for gamers today. Get a kit of 2 x 4gb ddr3 1.5v 1600 ram. Do not pay extra for faster speeds or better timings which do not make significant difference in real performance or fps. Fancy heat spreaders are mostly marketing and are not needed with 1.5v ram.

    9) Get a 60-120gb SSD for the os and apps. Get a larger hard drive for overflow and storage if needed. It will make everything feel much quicker.

    10) Take the time to educate yourself. Download and read your motherboard and case manuals, cover to cover. Many questions will be answered.

    ----good luck------------
  4. will all i can say is wow that was good now iknow what to chose ill go with the assassin 2 rams patroit g2 1x8 XD ill go for sli if it is cheaper or singel 590 up to the price ssd ill get 60 as u saied for OS and 1TB HDD the old G1-killer is x58 the new one will be z86 chip set so yah i rather W8 till 14 nov for the beast case since u sied air cooling means huge ugly case or a spice ship XD with good air cooling case crosair or silver stone raven rv1 will they say it is good for both water and air ill go for air and i can get 2x 180mm predtor fan's at bootom wich should be quite good to keep the pc coold like on 5x C ?
  5. i need help on the 570 thears like 10 of them on EVGA site lol
  6. i ll go with the HD one's 2 570=1 590 for cheaper price and i can allways get onther one when forest bit 3 is relaesed on BF4 ! lol so yah i can use thes pc for like 4/5 right?

    PS:HD are super clooked should i wory about Over heat or it will be fine?
  7. damn ATM only fail 1g 570 the 2680mb is not in stock Gr8
  8. The ram should be a 8gb kit made up of 2 x 4gb modules. 8gb ram sticks are not what you want today.

    EVGA is my preferred Nvidia brand. You can buy any of the GTX570 cards. You will pay a bit more for those labeled superclocked, or classified.
    For those, you will get slightly overclocked performance, and you will get what you pay for.
    Extra ram on the video cards will not be worth paying for unless you will use triple monitors.
    If your budget permits, I would get a single GTX580, and be done with it.

    Remember, that liquid cooling is really air cooling. The only difference is where the heat exchange takes place. In the radiator, or in the cpu cooler. Regardless, the heated air must be evacuated from the case, thus my suggestion tha some decent case airflow is what you want, regardless.
    Personally, I am not a fan of "bling", windows and other style gimmicks on cases. I would spend my budget elsewhere. But, some people like a showy case, and that is OK. You will see and touch your case every day, so get the one you love. Spend what you need on it.
  9. ok i saw what i need ill W8 thats what will i buy once realeasd

    1(MotherBoard) G1.assassin 2

    2(CPU) i5 2500k Over clooked

    3(PSU)antec high end pro 1200W or 1000W

    4(GPU) i can afford 1 GTX590 but can get the fans but ill buy em L8ter


    6(case) Crosair obsidian 800d it is huge as &*^@*&! so it will be big enoght

    7(CPU cooler) cm hyper 212 cooler master will i know some 1 ho use it and it is epic like cheap and beast

    8(ram's) crosair will they got 2000Mhz but u sied 1600 mhz so ill pick up 2 of the vagance 4x2=8gb 1600 mhz

    if u like to add anything or if i missed any thing pls till me
  10. 1) No need for more than the normal 1.5gb ram on a GTX580.

    2) You want a 8gb kit of two sticks of 4gb each. Not 4 sticks of 2gb each.
  11. lol i meant 2 stick's of 4 GB 1.5 1600 Mhz the obsidian max load of fans is 12 O_O so yah all will be cool
  12. hear is what come's with the sniper 2 mobo the sniper 1 is x58 chip set :/ so yah

    2nd Generation Intel® Core Processors


    Intel Z68 chipset

    Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

    2*PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot
    (x16, x8)/ HDMI

    Dual Channel 2133/1333/1066

    4*DDR3 (Max 32 GB)

    2*PCI-Ex1+ 2*PCI

    RAID 0,1,5,10, JBOD


    4* SATA 6Gb/s+3* SATA
    3Gb/s+1*eSATA 3Gb/s


    4*USB 3.0 +14*USB 2.0

    Creative HW audio 20K2

    Front audio headphone amplifier

    Nichicon MUSE capacitor

    Bigfoot Killer 2100


    Onboard LPC pin header for
    Infineon TPM module

    Touch BIOS,EZ Smart Response, Intel Smart Response, Lucid Virtu,8 power phase,Ultra Durable 3, On/off Charge, Smart 6, 2 way CrossFireX/SLI,Driver MOSFET,X-Fi,EAX

    ATX (305x264)

    BTW dose the Cooler Master Hyper N520 work's with the core i5 as a cooler insted of cm hyper 212 ?
  13. ok so yah i got all i need TYvm if i need help ill pm u or post on theas thraed BTW i hope i get succesfull fierst start

    so yah just asking is BF3 DVD or blue-ray for the .....
  14. yah to say all i ever want is to run BF3 at ultra all ultra the mobo y G-Killer umm OFC coz of big foot ! so i never ever ever have to lag coz lag drive's me nuts
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