Can I run this two GPUs with a 750watt PSU?

So I have a gtx 260 and a 570. I've been using 570 so far and I've never thought about using the 260 as a phsyx card (or something like that)

Would both of them be compatible for my corsair 750w or would I need a higher one?
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    Corsair has a variety of 750W PSU and in all likelihood they would have sufficient power to run both Vid cards but I don't know that you can use the 260 as a physics card. You might want to ask Nvidia about that.

    The link below is useful for determining the required PSU wattage for a PC but you'd need to fudge a little with two different Vid cards and use the high wattage one in SLI form for calulations.
  2. Hmm ok -
  3. Yes, you would have plenty of power and to spare with that setup, even if you hacked the BIOS's, overvolted to the point of frying the GPUs, and ran your whole system at full bore.
  4. yes you can do that and yes the PSU is plenty powerful enough. just make sure you have the correct slots on your motherboard.
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