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I have a problem with my computer case. When I was installing the mobo inside the case, I found that the case did not come with an HDAUDIO connector. I called the company NZXT, and they told me they would send an HDAUDIO connector. They said it would take 1 - 7 buisness days and I would get a verifacation e-mail. I contacted them via e-mail again seeking asistance, and I never got an answer.

SO, I am going to wait the remainder of the period and if I don't get the cable in the mail, I plan to make my own. I already understand how to sleeve and wire the cables. (The mobo came with the cable diagram.) But I would need to buy those 1pin connectors.

Does anyone know where I could buy those connectors? A link would be great!

Thanks for your help!
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  1. you can use electrical tape to insulate individual wires and the header pins
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