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10/23/2012 ASRock Press Release
Keep Leading! ASRock is the First to Offer Intel® Smart Response Technology on X79 Motherboards. So far only on extreme 11 board anyone know any news about the rest of the x79 family ?
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  1. The X79 is an enthusiast based platform. Intel's feelings are that if you are going to drop that much on MB / CPU alone, you can afford to get a 120GB or larger SSD to install your OS and common programs off of. Not a small SSD that common files get cached to over time.
  2. However, I like the idea of SRT and Asrock, in the press release I quoted they announced all z79 boards will have the option and I wanted to know if anyone using this forum knew if it was available yet or if they had heard/read a release date. The practical application would be to be able to use larger hdd volumes with a ssd cache because of the inherent problems with ssd losing sectors and slowing down with higher volume use.
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