PSU Makes Clicking Noise- No Post (1st Build)

Ok here is what happened, 1st boot I power on and I hear a loud clicking noise, but the MOBO (ASUS P8P69 PRO REV 3.1) runs its checks and I get into the Bios, all 16GB ram posted, CPU was at 3.3mghz (2500k on power conservation mode). Thought the clicking noise was coming from a wire or something hitting a fan blade. So I powered down. Check around made sure all things were place nicely, then went to boot again, I hear the clicking noise still, but now no post, and then it powers of after maybe 5 seconds. Clicking noise is coming from the PSU (Corsair 750w Bronze). I am hoping it is the PSU, it makes sense it would be seeing as there is a load click noise coming from it, but I have also read failure to post could be MOBO.... like I said this is my 1st build so I am curious how I would rectify this.


usbs were working, got mouse and keyboard func
Radeon 6950 VC (was giving me monitor display at least)
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  1. It is 100% from the PSU, this happens alot with power supplies on Samsung TV's.

    Replace that PSU, I would reccomend a 750w XFX PSU (80+ (88%) Silver rated)
    Amazing PSU with alot of modulation.

  2. PS Power supplies are massively annoying as they wait till the very last moment to then *** everything up. My last power supply worked fine for months after I spilt orange on it and then set on fire......
  3. Are any of the 'post state LEDs' illuminated? (section 2.2.6 of your manual).
  4. A further point to convince you is: if it is your motherboard which is causing the issue then what caused that.....its not often mobo's break without the PSU being the cause.
  5. Please provide the exact model number for your PSU, too. Corsair generally makes quality PSUs; at this point I think you need to do some more TS to figure out what the real problem is with your system.
  6. yes, the green lights on are on the MOBO,

    it is a TX 750 PSU. I am almost certain the PSU needs replaced, but I dont know for sure if it is the reason I am getting no post.
  7. Try breadboarding:

    Relatively simple, but effective way of isolating HW issues.
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