Help with buidling a PC. noobie.

I do hope this is the right section! OK, I have a budget of about 500-700 dollars but I'd like to make note that with christmas right around the corner I'll be able to get my parents to buy a part or two for me. SO if there is a few things I could be a better version of for slightly more I'd like to know about that as well.

Approximate Purchase Date: now(11/2) till the first of the year.

Budget Range: 500-700 bucks

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming/entertainment.

Parts Not Required: i need them all. All i have at the moment is a laptop..

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I always hear wonderful things about newegg

Country of Origin: US, Texas.

Parts Preferences: by brand or type I prefer ATI but what do I know right. I like wide screen monitors(maybe where i spend some of the parent folks money?)

Overclocking: Maybe?

SLI or Crossfire: maybe?

Monitor Resolution: not sure.

Additional Comments: I don't want to do anything but play games and stream/watch things.

Thank you to whoever takes the time to help a noobie out!
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  1. You're budget makes this a tough gaming build because you have nothing right now.

    I'm using the intel 2500k processor right now, but would recommend an AMD solution instead based on your budget. The intel chip mentioned above would take up almost have your lower end budget. So take a look at this processor:

    As for the video card. ATI is a good choice. I would say Nvidia is as well....but you can get a good deal on an ATI card that is in the middle of the road as far as performance goes. This looks like it would be a good one for you:

    Newegg is helpful in that you can see what others buy (most reviews) or you can see what has the highest rating and go from there. The buyers on newegg know what they're doing and generally if you follow the reviews they can point you in the right direction.
  2. I could go up on the price range, I'd just have to wait longer to buy all the parts.
    IF it is that big a deal.

    The main game I play is QuakeLive and I see people who have tons of issues with Nividia cards playing QL. that's the main reason I'd like to stick with ATI.

    Thank you!
  3. Also,

    This is the psu I got and it would be more than enough for your build as well:

    I got it a bit cheaper though, it was 10 percent off the price you see there, plus another 15 dollar MIR. So, you could keep an eye on it and see if the price goes down at all and then order it.

    I'm not super familiar with AMD mobo's but this one looks good as far as price and ratings go:
    Asus is a good brand name (generally) when it comes to mobo's. It's a full ATX board so it should give you plenty of expansion slots. Has USB 3.0 and Sata 6gb which is good because these are the latest techs. You however wont be able to SLI on this thing because the second PCIE port is 4x only. If you want to do SLI/Crossfire you'll be paying for a more expensive board. I personally am not crazy about SLI. I'd rather upgrade the video card if you want more speed.

    Some memory:

    Or if you want to save some money and just get 4gb total ram:


    At 22inch widescreen will probably be your best bet because of price: or

    Then just pick out whatever case you want.
  4. Yeah, then stick with ATI/AMD.

    I would recommend you put the majority of your money into the video card....because thats where you'll see the biggest improvement in your system.

    Basically it goes 6850<6870<6950<6970

    If you can swing it...and if you can find a good deal....try to grab a 6950. It's quite a bit more than the 6850 though.

    not sure if this link will work:,2673.html

    that will give you an index of all games benchmarked on toms and a generally idea on how the video cards stack up against eachother.
  5. cutebeans said:
    FX-4100 $130

    AM3+ motherboard $93

    ATI 6770 $115

    Corsair CX500 $60

    G.skill Ripjaws 4gb $30

    Monitor $90

    Samsung Spinpoint f3 $88

    CAse $50

    Mouse + Keyboard combo $27 (WIRED)

    Logitech Speakers $17


    This is the best that I can do at your budget. It can play most games at high and max at 1600x900 res :). If only HDD prices weren't so high. I can't believe that I managed to get it all in $700. :O

    Rebates would lessen these by $20

    would this still work if i got the ATI 6870 instead of ATI 6770?

    also, could i spend a bit more(~$75) on something to make the whole thing better.

    thank you both!
  6. Change the motherboard to this Asrock 970 AM3+ motherboard $93

    crap. I forgot all about the DVD Drive $21

    You also need an OS :O. $100 (sorry getting old)

    I would stick with the 6770 since lack of funds.

    $821 before rebates. :(

    It's minus $60 after rebates though.
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  9. cutebeans said:

    thank you! I think I'll be going with this build :D

    one last question: what about connectors? Will the parts come the proper things to connect them together or do i need to buy that as well?
  10. Don't worry! It's just going to be like putting legos together! :)
  11. The mobo and case should come with everything you need to connect.
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