Defrag apps?

Any good disk defrag apps besides the Windows default?

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  1. yes, for Win9x and NT

    Executive's Diskeeper 6.0

    Raxco's PerfectDisk 2000

    I personally prefer Diskeeper. Some people will like Raxco's Perfect disk. It is feature laden, but organizes the data in mm an unorthodox way that I don't really want. And it's initial defrag or when heavily fragged is slow. In reality, even Diskeeper is not leaps and bounds faster than even Win9x especially on heavily fragged disk. But it is somewhat, and both are better than Win9x native defragger. You can download fully functional free trials of either.

    Win2k comes native with a limited version of Executive's Diskeeper 5.0 (I know one feature you don't get is network admin). Whether it's worth an upgrade is up to you. It's certainly ok on it's own.

    Another good hard disk utility for people who manage a large number of systems is Spinrite 5.0. A very powerful low level program for hds that are acting up, that and just monitoring any weird behavior.

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  2. Hi

    What about the norton utility SPEEDDISK?
    and ontrack's fixit defrag?
    r they any good?

  3. I haven't used those utility suites. I think the Norton Speeddisk is similar to the PerfectDisk 2000 without some of the features (probably a little quicker too). I really don't no about ontrack's, but from an article I read even it's probably better than Win9x native defragger.

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  4. The less utilities you can run the better, it seems that they all have thier own way of doing things, which is not always the way the os likes it, if you can get away with only using the Win one, then do
  5. I've used Norton Utilities Speedisk for a couple of years, and they've improved it quite a bit in the latest versions. When used with Win9x/Me it reorganizes all the files according to usage. It also places the swapfile at the beginning of the drive, increasing the overall performance of your system. You can dowload a trial version from symantec's web site. It'll last you 30 days, and has full funcionality. I don't recommend that you install everything, there are a bunch of other utilities that are memory hogs. I always install the basics, Disk Doctor, Windoctor, Optimization Wizard, Speedisk and System Information.

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  6. O&O defrag is my prefered defrag tool. It allows you to do boot time defrag on critical files and supports 3 different methods of defrag. I've only got the 30 day trial but I guess thats why Powerquest made Drive Image.

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  7. I also use Norton Speed disk. I think its pretty good. Also, the 2001 version of norton utilities works on all versions of Windows including ME and 2000.

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