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Which psu

im looking for a 1300 watt psu and i found 2 but which one should i get

this 1

or this 1

i was leaning towards the first one since it has a silent fan
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  1. They both are good but I would choose the one with all the positive reviews.

    What do you need a 1300w psu for?
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    I would get the RoseWill Power Supply. Has Good reviews and.......Pretty Colors:) haha
  3. do u mean the first one i listed??? and i need 1300w for 3 7970's
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  5. geekapproved said:
    What do you need a 1300w psu for?

    Agreed - what kind of rig are you building?

    Loved reading on Anandtech about a boutique system build with a GTX580 and a 2700K overclocked (fairly poorly - way too much voltage on the CPU) with only have a Seasonic X-660 80 Plus Gold 660W Modular PSU. Most people spend way too much on a too powerful PSU and then spend more on electricity b/c other than gaming they are at only 10-20% load.

    Anantech boutique build review

    Ouch, too late with my post - 3 7970's - a beast!
  6. Of the two, the rosewill will deliver more power, 108a on the +12v rails, vs only 82a on the kingwin.

    But, since you want a no compromise psu, I suggest the SeaSonic X-1250 1250W gold, currently with a 15% promo:
  7. 3-7970's would be a complete waste for gaming. There is no game out there that needs even two of them.
  8. duh i want a pc that will last for 2-4 years
  9. xtremegamer2da-max said:
    duh i want a pc that will last for 2-4 years

    In 2-4 years, 7970 will be obsolete.
  10. then ill upgrade
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