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Hi, I have a new build, and cannot get it to recognize the optical drive. The system recognizes the HDD's (2), but not the optical drive. I tried a brand new optical drive and an old one. I tried attaching one drive via IDE cable, and the new one via an SATA3 cable. No power to optical drive in either case. I tried switching the power cable with a cable that was powering the HDD (which were recognized), still no power. I tried changing settings in BIOS, clearing CMOS, changing power supply; no luck. Any ideas?

mother board in ASROCK 990FX extreme 4, CPU is Phenom II x6, current PSU is Corsair 1200W. GPU are a pair of old 4780 x2's* (only trying to use one of the pair right now, but I also tried a new 6780), HDD's are SSD's, and one optical drive is samsung, the other LG (I only want one to work so I can install windows).

*side note, I upgraded my other computer by replacing 2 4780 x2's with a 6990; I really did not see much noticeable improvement at all. The 6990 is great, but the old 4780 x2's are also fantastic. Not sure the "up-grade" was worth the cost (in case anyone else is considering a similar up-grade).

UPDATE: I have now switched to a Kingwin 1200W PSU, and removing the SATA cable, but keeping the power cable, the optical drive gets power. I then switched tho an older optical drive that connects via the IDE cable, and get power; however, the BIOS still cannot find the optical drive. Any ideas? Anyone?
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  1. That is a head scratcher. Have you tried flashing the BIOS to the latest, in case a faulty BIOS was the issue?
  2. Check cables, update drivers. I do not know what else could be the problem unless there is a hardware issue in the mobo.
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