MSI GD-65 P67 with i72600k MEMORY HELP!

Hello Techies!

I'm trying to upgrade my 1600mhz 16gb setup to a 32gb and can't decide whether to go with 4 sticks of 1866 or 2133... The real question is, given the fact that all I really do on this machine (as of late) is use a proprietary 3D manipulation program (which runs fine now), and game "hardcore" would I notice a difference going up in speed between 1600 and 1866 and also doubling the capacity... Where would I see these differences? And then the same question for 1866 to 2133.... Would it be wiser to get Less memory (16gb) of 2133?

Sorry, I know it is a lot of questions all at once. Hopefully someone with expert knowledge can give me a hand :) Thank you!
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  1. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated
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