Issue with LCD TV connected to PC

I know that the issue is the TV itself, and not strictly relating to this forum, however I think the solution may be found by changing my newbuild setup:

I currently have a Sony Bravia LCD TV connected to my PC via high quality HDMI cable (as well as a Monitor via VGA). At random moments, the colours on the LCD TV screen will become inverted, with garish green and pink replacing black and white. This is supposedly a common issue involving HDMI "handshakes".

The outputs available to me on my Sapphire HD6870 are a single DVI and an HDMI output. The other DVI port will not function; I believe this has something to do with it being a DVI-D...

I am positive the issue is where the HDMI cable meets the TV (the problem occurs with all 4 HDMI ports in the TV and there is no problem when connecting the TV via VGA through the DVI socket) so would I be right in assuming if I purchased an HDMI-VGA adaptor the issue would be resolved? (ie HDMI port on the HD6870 converted to VGA, connected to the TV)
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  1. most likely you are a best buy near??? they have a nice return policy if you're wrong!!!

    good luck
  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence badtaylorx. I got a local shop that does PC bric a brac, hopefully they should sort me out.
    P.S: Nice rig!
  3. It's a long shot but your guess is as good as mine, I probably would have done the exact same thing.
  4. Thanks for the reply khubani.
    The fault only occurs when utilising the HDMI ports in the back of the TV: Fact
    Logic dictates that if I bypass said ports, the problem will be solved.
    Considering the widespread distribution of such lesser quality TV's in the last 8 months, it's probably worth figuring out a solution.
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