Need help comparing a few high quality monitors - possible eyefinity

I'm looking to purchase a new monitor. There is a very small chance that I'll order 3 of them for Eyefinity, depending on the price.
My GPU is a Gigabyte Radeon HD 6950 1GB.
Ideally, I don't want to spend more than $350 per monitor, but if the monitor is that expensive, I definitely won't be buying 3.

I do some professional video editing, which is why I want an IPS screen, but I also enjoy gaming, and so screen response time is also a minor issue.
I couldn't find much information about screen refresh rates. I'm sure they're all somewhere in the 60hz zone.

After some extensive searching, I've narrowed my choices down to 4 options:

Dell U2412M - $360
- FPHD Review
- 24", 1920x1200, LED backlit, 8ms response time.
- DVI, DisplayPort and D-SUB (VGA)

Dell U2312HM - $280
- FPHD Review
- 23", 1920x1080, LED backlit, 8ms response time.
- DVI, DisplayPort and D-SUB (VGA)

ASUS VE258Q - $260
- TN
- Couldn't find a good review, other than Newegg
- 25", 1920x1080, LED backlit, 2ms response time.
- DVI-D, DisplayPort, D-SUB (VGA), and HDMI

ASUS VH236H - $180
- TN
- Couldn't find a good review, other than Newegg
- 23", 1920x1080, LED backlit, 2ms response time.
- DVI, D-SUB (VGA), and HDMI

Obviously, I'm leaning towards buying the U2312HM, since it appears to be in the sweet spot and it's an IPS screen. Unfortunately, it's not 1920x1200, but I don't really know how much that makes a difference.

Can someone give me some advice/reviews on these monitors, or possibly another option that I haven't listed here?
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  1. I purchased 3 of the VH236H's this summer.

    I had originally purchased one, but i loved it so much i had to buy 2 more for my Workstation. They are very bright and clear. Give perfect color and contrast is great. It may cost a bit more than other 23" monitors, but to me it's worth it.

    Now the 25" LED back lit i hear is much better. I would bet there is zero ghosting (not saying my VH236H had ghosting) on that monitor and if i had the money, i would of purchased 3 of them

    As for the others, they are too expensive for my eyes and i don't even bother looking at them.
  2. Thanks! You gave me a reason to double-check myself about spending $360 on a monitor. I'm cautious about over-spending, but I'd rather pay more for a quality product that will last for years than have to upgrade in a year or so.

    I've looked and looked and looked, and I just can't find any good reviews/breakdowns of either of the ASUS monitors. Since they're not IPS, I'm very very hesitant to buy them. Image quality is very important to me because of the video editing I do.

    Is an 8ms screen at ~60hz going to bug me in games where I get around 60fps? It seems like 8ms isn't that much different than 2ms. And I'd rather sacrifice the delay time in order to get good quality images.

    I really don't know what to do here. The Dell U2312HM still looks like my best option.

    EDIT: If this helps, I'm currently using a LaCie 23" CRT monitor that a photographer gave me a while ago. I really don't know anything about it other than it's got great image quality (so he said) and it takes forever to turn on. I have no idea what the differences between CRT and LCD are as far as speed or refresh rates or quality etc. I like the CRT I have, but it takes up my entire desk space, so my keyboard often just rests on my lap.
  3. IPS is quite an old technology in which has been outgrown with just better LCD production over time. LED back-lit LCD's have improved the LCD monitor with better viewing angles and better color reproduction in which IPS provided, without the sacrifice of response time. The difference between 8ms and 2ms can only be seen in action movies and video gaming that i have seen.

    How you can tell the difference between the two because 8ms tends to "ghost" as the screen rapidly changes color.

    LCD's comparison should be based off response time and Contrast ratio now days. (although, LCDs have gotten so good the past few years that Contrast Ratio is in the tens of millions and is almost perfect with every high quality monitor). Unlike CRT which have high frequency, LCDs dont scan from top to bottom, they phase between colors all at once, so frequency over 60hz is fine and TBH, shouldn't even be considered much when buying an LCD.

    As myself, moving from a 22" CRT to a 23" LCD has been life changing.. My eyes feel better, my desk has more room, and to be honest, LCD is MUCH brighter, clearer and better looking than any CRT in an infinite amount of ways..

    So again, IPS, while it still looks good with photo artist, and drafting, the monitors suffer from response times which isnt good for games, movies, etc. LED LCD technology however compensates for this with great picture as good as IPS while not loosing it's response time.
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