First build, won't turn on. Please help.

Hi. I'm new to PC building and I've never posted here before so please excuse me if I'm asking any stupid questions . . anyway.

These are the components I'm using:

Cooler Master Storm Scout case
Gigabyte Z68P-DS3 Motherboard
Intel Core i3 Sandy Bridge processor
Corsair Vengance DDR3 ram 2x2 GB
Western Digital SATA HDD 500 GB
Lite-On DVD-RW 24x LightScribe drive
Coolmax 650w SLI-ready Power Supply
Using onboard video until I get paid again and can afford the GPU I want

Anyway, I followed a Newegg video guide on how to assemble a gaming PC, and didn't really have any problems despite never having done it before, but when I took the final step and went to power the thing up, the fan in the top rear blinked red, and nothing happened. No sound, nothing on my monitor. Just a red blink every time I try to turn it on. Any idea of what could be causing this? I've been reading around and it seems to be suggested I may have accidentally fried my motherboard. :( What should I do?
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  1. Have you tried running through this guide first?

    try and let us know
  2. The red light flash is thr rear fan I presume. You've double checked your PSU to MB connectors? The 4 pin connector in the upper rear of the MB is plugged in? Hmmm, Mine is an 8 pin connector. The 24 pin connector on the front center of the MB plugged
    in? When you installed the CPU it just dropped right into place, no pushing or forcing needed? I trust you used standoffs to mount the MB to the case? No dropped screws or anything rattling around?
    Sounds like a power supply problem. Get another one.
    Errr, yeah, look at the guide...
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