GTX 580 Heating issue?

Well yesterday I cleaned out my PC with my step dads air compressor...wanted to clean out the dust.

But as I was on my sword of the new world game...its not very said the "Display drivers stopped working"

But so I look at SpeedFan and my Temps where like 70c =O...They never go any where close to 60c...they stay near 50 even when Im running the game.

Its not OC...the fan speed was at 45...but I raised it to 60 now.

Even before I raised it when I was opening up more fire fox tabs...the temp started going up.

I checked all my fans and they are all working...can the display drivers have anything to do with it =/.

Any suggestions?

I cleaned it out yesterday...and through out the night I did not see any...issues.

Maybe some dust got caught up some where or something? I dunno maybe its the temps in the house right now but its not that hott right now =/...

*Sorry if this is a double post, delete the first one*.
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  1. Is it fine now or is it still crashing?

    70c is normal for a GTX580.They can reach much higher temps than that and still be fine.They are very hot cards.

    I would try taking the GPU out and clean it real good,make sure all of the dust is out.Maybe your right and some dust got into some of the contact points.

    Also be sure that you have the latest drivers from Nvidia's website.
  2. It's either a driver problem OR power problem... 70s are still consider as the good side even 80s too but 90s is like a bit toooooo hot...
  3. OK thanks guys!!! Atm is pretty ok, it gets near 50s when I play Sword now...Idle about 40ish.

    And yeah I know it can get up to extreme temps! If I get anymore errors...ill come back and let you guys know more info!!
  4. Alright then.
  5. I also think...b/c Idk if this could be a issue...but I had some...."virues" from malwarebytes or well I scanned and got 9...and used my virus scanner....found a few who knows lol.

    Thank god for the warranty its a 500$ card.
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