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I7 2600k 3.4GHZ running at a constant 207*F !!!

Sorry if this explanation is a bit long. I recently (3 months ago) bought a new computer from an individual the person needed money so i got an incredible computer for cheap. All components seem to be brand new. The dates on the HD's are August 2011. Anyway i usually leave the computer on and have had no problems with it. This morning i woke up and restarted the computer and it was stuck in a reboot loop. I followed some directions online for escaping the reboot loop and the directions work about 80% of the time. But the computer still gets stuck in the loop. When i was finally able to get passed the Post to load windows I noticed the CPU i7 2600k 3.4GHZ running at a full 100% i noticed because the computer was so slow. I restored the computer and the CPU stopped running at 100% but now it still runs hot and gets stuck in the reboot loop. I have never had a problem with the temp before. There are 5 fans in the machine. It is also liquid cooled but i dont know how to add the liquid and i dont want to mess up for obvious reasons. I know the liquid would help but considering it has never needed it before why would it all of the sudden need it right now? I know i have not given enough info but i would greatly appreciate any help. I must have this computer to do my homework. The only reason i bought it was because the mobo in my other PC died.

CPU : intel i7 2600k 3.4 GHZ
motherboard: G1 Sniper 2
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  1. Which cooler? is it mounted on properly? Gigabyte boards give boot loop issues....
  2. By which cooler i assume you are talking about the liquid cool, and i am not sure. The CPU seems to be mounted correctly one of the 4 screws that tightens down on the cpu was kinda loose but i tightened it just now. The fans on the top of the case One pulls air in and the other pushes air out. The one that pulls air has two tubes that comes off of it and they go directly into the CPU to keep it cool is it possible that they can get clogged with dust? It seems that anything could get clogged with dust but would that be enough to cause this problem? Sorry....just thought of this.
  3. Wait are you saying that your cpu has no heatsink and the water cooling has no water in it? if so then MASSIVE FACE PALM!!!!
  4. Well I took what I guess is still called the heat sink off I was wanted to blow out those tubes I was referring to. When I pulled the heat sink off there wasn't a lot of paste on it but there was some. The heat sink has a copper plate which I tried to remove so I could blow out the tubes. Much to my surprise liquid began pouring from the heat sink. :( now I really don't know what to do. I am having a bit of trouble getting the copper plate seated back so that it won't leak.
  5. Sorry didn't know if it was still a heat sink without the fan. I didn't read the last post first because I am replying on a phone
  6. Have you turned the computer on while the cpu had no heatsink on it?
  7. No
  8. Ok, i have come to the conclusion that i am an idiot. Those "tubes" are liquid cool tubes. They are coming off of a reservoir that holds the liquid i am now trying to figure out how to get the reservoir off so i can refill it with distilled water unless someone can recommend something better. I am then going to apply some more thermal paste to the heat sink and see how it goes. :pt1cable:
  9. Recommend you buy a regular HSF. Many here recommend the Hyper 212 at about $30. Its a very good price/performance HSF. Great for No OC and good upto a mild OC.

    You did NOT spill liqiud on the MB did yo??
  10. No, No liquid on the MB...That would have been horrible. I would have some real problems then I like that i am learning more about this pc and pc's in general but this is just bad timing too much *** to do. Oh well.
  11. Did'nt the water cooler come with a users manual? Is the water cooler closed loop or open? You can't normally add coolant to a closed loop system as far as I know.
  12. sounds like you may have just opened a closed circuit water cooler

    does it say corsair on it?

    if so these are pre-filled and sealed and dont need topping up--the tubes wont fill up with dust but the radiator that

    the fans attach to can get clogged with dust

    how about a picture of the cooler so we can see what we are dealing with
  13. I didn't get a users manual because i bought it used and they didn't have it or didnt give it to me, but yeah i did open a closed circuit water cooler. coolit eco ii 240 which is equivalent to a corsair h100 except the h100 has different settings you can use. A tech from coolit/corsair says that if i can get the "china pin" out of the third hole that has a plug in it i can put the distilled water in that hole but there has to be a little room left for expansion. I wish i could have learned all of this about water cooled systems the easy way, by NOT messing something up that i
  14. Are you powering the cooler? Looks like it might be broken.
  15. this may help--this guy dismantled the h100 which as you said is basically the same as the coolit

    lots of photos so may be of use to you to try and top it up and put it back together

    edit--some of the first photos are offline but the ones further down are ok
  16. You may be right muffin. Yeah it had power to it and i have never had a bit of trouble with it then all of a sudden 208 degree max. Thanks mcnumpty! At least now i know it can be done, and you showed me where to find it. I might end up buying the h100 if the eco still wont do the trick.
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    no problem

    though if it was hitting 207f/97c then i suspect the pump may have failed leading to the coolant not getting circulated

    through the radiator

    so re-assembling it may not help
  18. Ordered the 100h. My Computer hit 208 degrees in about 4 minutes. :( Is there any chance of permanent damage to the CPU or MB? Thank you everyone for your help. I really hope the 100h will solve the problem. If not...
  19. the cpu thermal protection should have kicked in so the cpu should be ok
  20. 208 F = 97.8 C which is the max temp for SB and at that point the cpu should cut back/off to protect it self.

    How high of an OC are you planning on. If only a mild OC and or your House is NOT kept at a High ambient temp, You do Not need water cooling. My I5-2500k OCed to 4.2 does NOT exceed 60 C (140F) under heavy Load (Running prime95).
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  22. I installed the 100h and the CPU has yet to go over 100 F. I really wanted to keep the computer liquid cooled just because it really is an incredible machine and i haven't had time to take full advantage of all of its features such as double liquid cooled graphics cards. Plus the computer is built to be OCed it even has an OC button on the case. 4 Hard drives (6TB). Anyway i have yet to see the computers full potential but i would like to be prepared. Thanks again everyone! Is there a "solved"
  23. glad to help

    you just need to learn to overclock it now :D

    4.5ghz should be pretty easy with the h100

    though i would read up how to do it--OC buttons and auto overclock software such as asus AI suite have a tendency

    to use more voltage than is required
  24. Yeah you are right. My BIOS makes it easy to overclock the machine. I just change multiplier. Yeah i know if only it were that easy to actually understand what i was doing instead of just pushing a button i would be set. I will definitely need to make some time for that especially since i am already set up for it.
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