Seasonic Platinum 1000W vs 860W build quality

My system is expected to need 350-550W of power over its lifetime for simple video encoding and editing. Either the Seasonic Platinum 860 or 1000 will work for my needs as independent review testing shows a peak efficiency around 400W for both units. Given that either PSU will work for my needs, and I want to buy one of them at the best value (build quality, Watt/$, etc.), I have run into a subtle problem of comparing the build quality between these two Platinum PSUs offered by Seasonic:

SeaSonic Platinum-860 860W (SS-860XP Active PFC F3)
SeaSonic Platinum-1000 1000W (SS-1000XP Active PFC F3)

The SS-1000 has been extensively reviewed by a dozen pros who have all given the SS-1000 high praise for voltage regulation, efficiency, build quality, low ripple, transient response, etc. However, there are very few independent reviews of the SS-860. For instance, I was only able to find two independent reviews of the SS-860 by foreign reviewers Planet3Dnow and PC-Experience.

The Planet3Dnow review states "The differences with the larger models [SS-1000] are the weaker or the smaller number of MOSFETs and the missing third primary capacitor."

I have reviewed the technical specs for both the SS-1000 and 860; they are similar in terms of peak inrush current, MTBF, hold-up time, transient response, etc. In addition, Seasonic's online user manual combines the SS-1000 and 860 as basically the same unit with regards to features, warranty, and build specs.

Is it reasonable to assume that a pro performance review for the SS-1000 is a near perfect proxy for the SS-860 in terms of voltage regulation, transients, and ripple response? The SS-860 is missing a third large Capacitor that is present in the SS-1000 and this significant in the critical performance between the two PSUs given that there is only a 140W difference between them?

Note 1: I understand the SS-1000 has a larger capacity and therefore more or larger parts than the SS-860...I just want to know if it is prudent to assume that a professional reviewer like jonnyGURU would have had the same relative performance results if he had reviewed the SS-860 instead...or is the 860 a substantially inferior product (due to missing and/or inferior parts) compared to the SS-1000 and worth a lot more in terms of build quality than the apparent 140W premium.

Note 2: Newegg has the SS-860 on sale today with a 15% discount + free ship, but no discount for the the total cost difference to me is $203.36 vs $294.58...If the difference was only $30 I would get the 1000W, but $91.22 (almost a 45% increase is price) is significant.
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  1. Its a Seasonic Platinum no mater how many Watts it have. They are amazing good build PSU's ( Seasonic is the best PSU manufacturer) you can't go wrong with 860. Buy it.
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