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Hyper 212 + Thermal Grease On CPU

I know this question has been asked a lot but I wanted to get some opinions on what I should do. I installed the 212 cooler last night and put a modest amount of thermal paste on there which resembled the amount shown on the diagram on the instructions. It looked way too thick so I tried to dab some off with a paper towel before I applied the Heat sink to the processor.

I hope I didn't put too much on. I looked and it didn't really look like any seeped around the edges but I'm not sure. If it were you would you just try to boot the computer up anyway or take everything apart and try to clean it and apply new thermal grease? I just used the thermal stuff that came with the Hyper 212. There seems to be many conflicting answers to this questions. I appreciate the insight.

I don't want my new processor to over heat at all and I sure hope nothing shorts out because of this..

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    If you feel what you applied is not sufficient either too much or too little just pull it and inspect the footprint and you'll know for sure.

    All you need is enough to fill the voids and it's a good practice to use something like a credit card and work the thermal compound into the grooves on the bottom of the heat sink between the copper pipes and the aluminum base.

    Then drag the card across with the grain or pipe direction and remove any excess from the base, and apply a thin film on the CPU heat spreader, and slap it back together.

    If in doubt double check it, it's not a big deal to pull CMH212+ at all.
  2. A dot, about the size of a rice corn, in the middle of the CPU is enough. Simply put it there and put the heatsink on top of it. The pressure will apply the paste over the cpu.

    While there's no discussion about the ammount of paste, there is some about how to apply it. You can also spread it like "4ryan6" said, but some consider that not the best way, because it might introduce air bubbles, which you wouldn't want to be there.

    Anyway, the right amount is definitely more important for good temps. ;)
  3. If you use the "whats that noise method" you will get incomplete coverage of the heat spreader. An extruded dot will form a round pattern on a square heat plate. If that doesn't bother you than do it the lazy way. 4ryan6 has provided the method that will give the best cooling.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. Looks like I'll have to take everything apart tonight. There's no way I can do this with the MOBO mounted to the case. Should I use more paste or can I reuse what's on there and just make sure it's thinned out more and clean it up a bit?
  5. The thermal paste that comes with the Hyper 212+ is actually fairly thin and will spread quite well using the rice kernel method. Personally, since I am old-school and still use AS5, I like to use the spread method. I use a plastic baggie over a fingertip and put on a dot about the size of a (wait for it) rice kernel, and then lightly dab it around the surface of the heat spreader until I have an even coat. AS5 usually doesn't like to spread any other way.

    Avoid using a paper towel, as you can leave cellulose fibers (a fairly good insulator) in the TIM. The whole point is to use the TIM minimally to fill the microscopic irregularities in the surface of the heat spreader and heat sink. The TIM is not as good as metal to metal contact, but by far better than gaps in the interface.
  6. I'll do that then. How would you guys go about cleaning the old stuff off? Should I use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to take the old stuff off or just detach the heat sink and try to scrape as much off with an old credit card?

  7. You could also simply google a little to cover that question ...

    Thermal Paste and How To Use It

    Best Thermal Paste Application Methods

    Also the round coverage on square shape is not a game breaker. Most of the heat is dissipated in the center of the cpu anyway. There's just not really a one way answer to the issue, because it also depends on which heatsink/cpu one is talking about. :)
  8. Thanks yeah I did use Google :/. There's about 100 different answers from tons of different people. I just want to make sure I'm doing it the best way. After further research I'm going to go to the store now and get ISOPROPYL 99% with some cotton swabs and take off the junk I put on. I'm also buying some more thermal grease since I don't have anymore left. It's a bummer that I have to go to Best Buy and buy their generic Dynex brand which they're selling for 11 bucks... Oh well, you live and learn. This time I'll put a drop on and spread it thin with an old credit card.
  9. Remove old paste with 99% Iso off the cpu and cooler.
    I use good paper towel not the cheap crap.
    Apply the paste using the two line method = fool proof
    Perfect every time!
  10. davcon said:
    Remove old paste with 99% Iso off the cpu and cooler.
    I use good paper towel not the cheap crap.
    Apply the paste using the two line method = fool proof
    Perfect every time!

    +1 on the 99% alcohol; you need 90 or above to correctly clean the grease.
    I have a hyper 212 and i also used the grease that came with it; use the card method and smear it VERY thin but cover the top of the cpu. I have done this with 3 different cpus and not had one problem with any of them; in fact i have alot of success with overclocking due to the temps this cooler has provided.
  11. Thanks guys! I went to drug mart and couldn't find 99% so 91% had to do. I also did the credit card method. I realized I had put way more paste on than needed before and used cotton pads and swabs to clean up the old paste from the processor.

    After cleaning everything up I took the credit card and feathered some new paste on which seemed like a lot better idea than just gobbing it on before. I was able to boot the machine fine last night and installed Windows 7. I'll just need to install some stuff to monitor my temps.

    Thanks everybody!
  12. No problem, glad to be of help
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